Afro Innovation Group

People seeking asylum are excluded from claiming normal UK welfare benefits and most asylum seekers are not allowed to work. Asylum seekers who cannot find support “disappear” through the cracks and are left destitute. We aim to provide people in the asylum process practical and emotional support.

Our asylum support work offers Afro Innovation members one-to-one advice to find solutions to issues affecting their asylum process. Our aim is to prevent destitution, homelessness and social isolation among asylum seekers in Leicester by providing personal advice on how to get the required support from the Home Office, Social Services, local charities, and the NHS.


We offer:

  • Accommodation services advice
  • Housing advice
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Academic support for asylum seekers who wish to go to university in the UK
  • Referrals to agencies such as Social Services, local charities, and the NHS
  • IT skills and English language training
  • Recreational activities


The asylum support service is provided by one member of staff and a team of exceptionally able volunteers.