Afro Innovation Group was first set up by a group of refugees in Leicester, some of whom arrived in the city from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In a full circle, AIG has since been able to support volunteers in DRC and has now founded its own charity there, AIG in DR Congo.

On a recent visit, Afro Innovation Group Projects Director, Evariste Tschindio worked with a core team to help establish the charity and to develop an action plan and the type of projects it wants to offer. These range from helping the most vulnerable with social support, providing support for women and girls, and helping people develop the skills they need to secure employment.

The majority of the citizens of the DRC are extremely vulnerable. On the 2013 Human Development Index, the DRC is ranked second to last (186th out of 187 countries). Access to basic services, particularly health and education, is reduced, particularly for the poorest strata. Some 63.4% of the population lives below the poverty line. Over the past decade, poverty, together with violence, human rights violations and large-scale displacement caused by conflict, have led to enormous suffering among the population and a deterioration of socio-economic conditions for all.

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