The AIG team recently came together with Leicestershire Cares’ Power to Change partners to catch up on the current circumstances within the community, discuss the recent riots in Leicester East and go through how each organisation’s relationship with the city council can be improved. 

After we all shared what each of the partners has been up to in regard to their organisation, we directed the discussion towards the aftermath of the recent riots. 

We believe the way forward was to avoid stereotyping and or imposing agendas and to listen to the young people and communities affected and invest in local services, especially youth provision.

The group discussion then moved on to involve Assistant Mayor Danny Myers and talk about the current economic situation, budget and funding. 

Danny briefed us that UKSPF funding was delayed but even when made available it would be a cut less than 50% of the EU funding it was replacing. He encouraged us to work with local Counsellors, who can help by chasing up on a response from council officers since it can prove more effective rather than an enquiry from the public.

In the end, all present felt that it was more important than ever to offer each other support and meet more regularly to speak out on issues of common interest.

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