Our Staff Team

Meet Our Team

 Evariste Tshindo 

Managing Director

Evariste has been involved in the non-governmental and charity sector work for over 25 years in the UK and abroad. At AIG, he oversees projects and leads the efficient management of the organisation’s needs from human resources and funding to partnerships and projects. He concentrates mainly on the strategic level of AIG work and is well-known locally as a young community leader for Congolese communities in the city and county.

 Said Salim 

Operations & Services Manager

Said oversees smooth operational delivery of the services and projects, as well as supporting with funding and services directly; mainly concentrating on very complex legal cases (principal lead in immigration) and other issues.

 Fatma Ahmed 

Project Support Worker & Events Coordinator

Fatma deals with welfare and benefits issues, housing and homelessness, job search and applications, and manages events for Afro Innovation Group projects.

 Zeena Said

Projects Coordinator & Senior Caseworker

Zeena supports Afro Innovation Group projects coordination and administration while also assisting in managing smaller to mid-sized projects. She is also a senior caseworker with a focus on immigration, housing, employment, academic support, housing, domestic violence and abuse as well as complex needs. Zeena also looks after volunteer recruitment and supervision.

 Fabrice Mukenge

International Project Officer

Fabrice oversees Afro Innovation Group international projects, especially in DR Congo.

 Antoaneta Blagoeva 

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Antoaneta develops and executes the marketing plan and strategies with the goal of raising awareness and the profile of the charity along with driving people to get involved with the organisation.