Welcome to Everdale Grange Ltd T/A Langdale House (Manor Site)

A new addition to our group of care homes is Everdale Grange Ltd, which trades as an additional site to our sister home Langdale House. Since the last acquisition, Langdale Lodge almost 10 years ago, we have gathered the necessary skills and expertise in providing a quality care and personalised living service to our residents.

We have felt the need to further spread our philosophy by adding an additional site to the Langdale Group family and began this new journey in Autumn 2017 providing support to a care home struggling with compliance and delivering the standards expected by the local authorities and the Care Quality Commission.

This was with a view of taking over the services as new providers and despite the struggles faced on different fronts, we successfully took over in March 2018 with standards being met and confidence restored within the community and indeed the home.

Address78-80 Lutterworth Road Aylestone Leicester LE2 8PG

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