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Our International Work

After years of working with international partners and friends across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Asia and elsewhere, Afro Innovation Group has now established its offices overseas and partnered with international NGOs across the globe.


Afro Innovation Group has operational offices established in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with our main office situated in the capital city of Kinshasa. Additionally, we will be setting up premises in various provinces including Bukavu, Central Kasai, Bandundu, Equator, Goma, and Bunia.

We have established a strong partnership with other local organisations and have built a ‘local’ team based in DRC that develops and delivers a range of programmes and services:


  • Support the most vulnerable people in the country.

  • Connect those left behind with their relatives and families overseas (especially in the UK).

  • Empower oppressed women and young people.

  • Highlight and support British values and standards abroad.

  • Support education and awareness in relation to health and wellbeing, financial independence, entrepreneurial support and activity.

  • Facilitate global connectivity through digital training programmes and the use of ICT to improve employment and educational opportunities.

  • Work with vulnerable homeless children and, subject to funds, create a safe housing project and provide the needed access to education.

  • Identify opportunities, for example through the British Council, for gifted young people to study overseas and thereafter return home to help their communities. 

  • Assist refugees, internally displaced people, and others, through a range of support services, including raising funds for tents in camps, clean water, portable filtration systems, clothing, shoes and other necessities and essential items.

  • Support those traumatised by violence (wars, sexual violence/rape and others) including child soldiers, and help them improve their quality of life.


Afro Innovation Group has had the immense pleasure of partnering with two prominent community-based organisations to improve the quality of life of children living in Uganda.

Child Of Famine Africa (COFA)

All children deserve to have a happy childhood regardless of where they were born. That’s why COFA’s primary objective is to provide food, shelter, health, education and protection for children from child abuse. The main areas they operate in are Ibanda, Kazo, Kitagwenda and Kamwenge.


We at Afro Innovation Group believe that all children regardless of their background deserve a happy childhood. We’ve come together with Child of Famine Africa to ensure children from underprivileged backgrounds in Uganda attain a sustainable development goal to help them successfully navigate through life.

Comfort Centre Uganda

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is the most common monogenic blood disorder worldwide contributing to a significant burden that is not amply addressed. In Uganda, it’s estimated that over 20,000 babies are born with sickle cell disease every year and 80 per cent of these children die before their fifth birthday. Stigma and myths about sickle cell disease are widespread among the population and health workers. This type of stigmatisation isolates sickle-cell patients and their families from their local communities.


Comfort Centre Uganda seeks to contribute to improvement in the health status and quality of life of children living with sickle cell disease and haemophilia specifically in the Lango region of Northern Uganda. To ensure they can continue providing health care (treatment), psychosocial, spiritual and emotional support, education and basic care (food, clothing, shelter), Afro Innovation Group has taken a strong stand to support Comfort Centre Uganda in terms of prevention, management and control of this burden.


We at Afro Innovation Group believe that all children regardless of their background deserve a happy childhood. We’ve come together with Child of Famine Africa to ensure children from underprivileged backgrounds in Uganda attain a sustainable development goal to help them successfully navigate through life.


Afro Innovation Group has built a long-term partnership with two community-based organisations that play an important role within the Lamu community in Kenya. Each one of them is notable for their passion and commitment to bringing social change to coastal Kenya.

Sisters For Change

Sisters for Change thrives to create brighter futures and meet the needs of all women and girls who are subject to inequality and discrimination. Their organisation is committed to full and inclusive participation by all and that every person, man or woman, has the right and responsibility to contribute their talents, skills and resources to the work they do.

We share their beliefs that everyone should gain a better understanding of womanhood and femininity so that it has a positive impact on the local Lamu community. We are happy to have partnered with Sisters for Change and offer community members in Lamu an open space for them to participate in meaningful conversation and activities, which in turn will help break any discriminatory barriers. Afro Innovation Group will continue to develop, maintain and nurture this partnership for the betterment of coastal Kenya.

New Leaf Centre

New Leaf Centre is a rehabilitation and treatment centre in Lamu, Kenya, which aims to provide the needed health support and treatment for local community members struggling with substance use disorder. Afro Innovation Group has joined their initiative to address the ever-growing drug abuse problem in Lamu, especially affecting the local youth.

The organisation’s mission is not only to offer effective, efficient and accessible drug dependency treatment but also to raise needed awareness that such treatment is available to the public. As substance use disorder is heavily stigmatised, research has shown that it is even harder for men and women to come forward and acknowledge their addiction. To ensure New Leaf Centre continues supporting the community within Lamu, Afro Innovation Group is offering the support they need to offer free treatment to families who cannot afford it.


Asma Mwinyi Foundation

As with many developing countries, a significant number of girls & women in Tanzania grow up in highly impoverished communities, where they face significant challenges. These include limited access to education, physical violence and sexual abuse, child labour, female genital mutilation, unplanned pregnancies, risks of complications associated with abortions and early-age marriages, and food insecurity. 


We have built a close relationship with the Asma Mwinyi Foundation in Tanzania to ensure these challenges are addressed by providing the much-needed support to create a path for a stronger local community. It’s the organisation’s mission to improve the lives of girls & women in Tanzania by supporting their basic needs for food, clothing, clean water, education, health and social issues. Some of the successful projects they’ve launched successfully include a food & clothing donations programme, healthcare equipment and sanitary products distribution, renovation of a number of buildings to offer better sanitary conditions and the construction of school premises, an orphanage & widow building and hospital premises.

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