AIG in DR Congo

After years of working with international partners and friends across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Asia and elsewhere, AIG has now commenced preparations towards the opening of offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a main office in Kinshasa, and another in the South (location not yet identified).

We are building a ‘local’ team based in DRC who will develop and deliver a range of programmes which will: 

  1. Manifestly support the most vulnerable people in the country 
  2. Connect those left behind with their relatives and families overseas (especially in the UK)
  3. Empower oppressed women and young people 
  4. Highlight and support British values and standards abroad
  5. Support education for all programmes, including health and wellbeing, financial independence, entrepreneurial support and entrepreneurial activity, and to facilitate global connectivity through digital training programmes and the use of ICT to improve employment and educational opportunities
  6. Work with vulnerable homeless children and, subject to funds, create a safe housing project for ‘’street children’’ and by access to education 
  7. Identify opportunities, for example through the British Council, for gifted young people to study overseas and thereafter return home to help their communities. 
  8. Assist refugees, internally displaced people, and others, through a range of supporting services, including raising funds for tents in camps, clean water, filtration systems (portable), clothing, shoes and other necessary essential items 
  9. Support those traumatized by violence (wars, sexual violence/rape and others) including child soldiers, and help them return to normal life 

We hope AIG in DRC will commence during 2021. Please look out for a future link to a country specific website which will provide more details about this exciting initiative. 

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