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A group of refugess working together at Afro Innovation Group's offices in Leicester

Our Impact

At Afro Innovation Group, we are dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities, both locally and internationally. Through our various programmes and initiatives, we provide essential support, empowerment and opportunities to those in need. Our impact is best illustrated through the stories of the people we’ve helped and the statistics of our achievements.

A support group of individuals at Afro Innovation Group's befriending programme

Case Studies

Cost of Living and Frontline NHS Worker

Beneficiary to Board Member

An NHS worker shared how AIG has been a lifeline for her family during tough times. "I work for the NHS and struggle like many others. AIG has supported my family with financial household support and training, as well as increasing household emergency funding with energy costs, and extra available cost of living funds." This support has been crucial in helping her manage the financial pressures and maintain her family's well-being.

Nejah, a former stewardess from Eritrea, is a testament to our impactful support. After arriving as a refugee, she joined our 'Asylum Seekers Volunteering Opportunity Scheme,' where she honed her skills through local UK workplace experiences. With AIG’s help, Nejah secured refugee status and gained employment with One Roof Leicester, a homeless charity. Her dedication and hard work saw her rise to a Senior Officer position, and she now proudly serves on our board of trustees.

Overcoming Barriers

A single mother recently awarded refugee status faced severe challenges with her daughters’ school attendance due to mental health issues. With our representation, we explained to statutory services the family's struggles, leading to crucial support. "It has been very difficult years, and my confidence in the future was very low. AIG and its youth projects showed me that I am not alone and provided the support needed to overcome my challenges," shared a 17-year-old from the family. With our help, the daughters received CAMHS referrals, and their outlook on life began to improve.

Our youth engagement efforts have been transformative, with eight young people becoming youth volunteers and role models. Weekly activities, such as sports and music sessions, have not only provided enjoyment but also addressed mental health issues. "Amazing experience with the new Hinckley hub every Thursday where we learn music and engage with choir training," said one 17-year-old participant.

International Case Studies

A DR Congo newspaper article that higlights Afro Innovation Group's impact in the local DRC community

International Work in DR Congo

Our international branch in DR Congo has been highlighted in local newspapers for its efforts in improving health equality, providing access to food banks and offering skills training. We work in vulnerable, isolated villages, delivering critical services where government support is lacking. Our team, led by senior officers Titi Tshipamba and Papy M Mabi, includes volunteers from local universities who gain valuable skills and employment opportunities.

To learn more about our impact and how you can get involved, contact us directly.

Annual Statistics

In the past year, Afro Innovation Group has made a significant impact by supporting 5,112 beneficiaries from Leicester, the county and across the country. Our comprehensive range of services has reached thousands of individuals and families, providing critical assistance in various areas, from immigration and housing to education and employment. These efforts have not only improved the immediate well-being of those we serve but have also empowered them to build better, more sustainable futures. Here are some of our key achievements and statistics that highlight the breadth and depth of our impact.

Won 127 Immigration Cases In-house

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