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Afro Innovation Group

We build strength, stability and self-reliance through the help we provide to the community.

Our Story

Afro Innovation Group (AIG) is a BAME-led registered charity which has operated in the city of Leicester since 2006. We work with a wide range of communities and service users and collaborate with multiple stakeholders, including voluntary, public and private bodies.

Since forming, our main focus has been on work with BAME communities, including new migrants to the UK (including EEA families), refugees, asylum seekers and those from lower-income families in the city, county and the Midlands region, and since 2015, nationally across the UK.


We are an ambitious organisation and want to grow the services we offer. Those we assist often require long-term support following trauma, family loss, mental health issues or abandonment. Along with our core advice work, we are adding an affordable housing component to our work and we are also creating an international venture. After many years of working in partnership with more established local international NGOs, we have established an office in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our overarching aim is to empower our service users to access essential services in the UK in order to help them create a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Our Mission

We tend to make our world a safer place for people.

Afro Innovation Group’s mission is to increase public empathy for refugees, asylum seekers and migrant protection matters in the UK. We aim to exert a positive influence on local authorities and public attitudes in support of the fair treatment of refugees and deliver a range of advice, advocacy and support services. Thus, have a positive impact on the lives of our beneficiaries, which builds on our profile as a provider of genuinely holistic services.

A family of ethnic minority at a bech that's being cleaned from debris

Here are firsthand accounts of the positive impact we've made on individuals' lives.

"I have been supported through AIG for seven years, from securing my immigration and reuniting with my son after court issues to finding full-time employment. Thank you!"
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Our Values

Dedicated to Improving Lives

Our values underpin the work we do and define our commitment to improving the lives of our service users and the wider community. The values that define our work are:

Equality and Diversity

We believe in the fundamental right of everyone to live a life free from persecution.


The power of solidarity, community and collective action to achieve positive change.


Empowering refugees and migrants to achieve excellence and sustainable futures.

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