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At Afro Innovation Group, we are committed to driving meaningful change and empowerment within our communities. Through a diverse array of impactful projects, we address the unique needs of refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and other marginalised groups.


BASE+ is the successor project to our initial BASE project which commenced in 2016. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, the project offers a range of support to participants covering employment, education, immigration, advocacy, translation, befriending and much more. The project is also helping us to grow our business development capabilities.

A woman doing a presentation in front of service user that require employment and education support

Debt, Benefits & Finances 

Our Debt, Benefits & Finances project at Afro Innovation Group is dedicated to supporting families and vulnerable low-income individuals in understanding and managing their household finances, debts and benefit entitlements. Through collaborative partnerships with organisations like StepChange and local community law centres, we provide expert guidance tailored to each individual's needs. Our qualified advisors offer personalised counselling sessions and assistance to self-employed individuals and business owners, helping them navigate financial challenges and access relevant support programmes. Additionally, we explore Debt Relief Orders for those facing severe financial hardship, aiming to alleviate debt burdens and promote financial stability.

A family sitting at a dining table going through their finances feeling confident due to the support received by Afro Innovation Group

Youth Project

Our AIG Youth Project supports young people from refugee, asylum seeker, migrant and BAME communities in Leicester and Leicestershire. We offer physical activities, sports and learning opportunities to help young people enter education, training, volunteering or employment. Afro Innovation Group has supported young people with mental health issues, trauma and school nonattendance through partnerships with Sport England and music/art therapies. Weekly activities include sports like football, basketball, yoga and music sessions. If any young person would like to join our programme, please contact our team.

A group of young people smiling and having fun at a youth gathering

Mental Health and Health Inequalities

The Mental Health and Health Inequalities project at Afro Innovation Group focuses on enhancing the well-being of affected community members by offering services such as befriending and professional counselling facilitated by our qualified sessional workers who are trained counsellors. Our efforts extend beyond individual support to address health disparities within our communities. We actively engage in multi-agency forums to advocate for policy changes aimed at improving access to essential health services, including GP support and assistance for individuals grappling with significant health challenges. Additionally, we strive to address systemic barriers, such as structural racism, that hinder marginalised individuals from accessing mental health resources.

Two women during a counselling session aided by Afro Innovation Group

Women's Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment funding is helping us to provide support to BAME women, especially vulnerable young women, women who have experienced exploitation and abuse and those seeking to empower themselves through employment, self-employment or starting their own business. Through this programme we have been able to reach out and support women who have experienced domestic violence, human trafficking and modern slavery.

A group of women talking and smiling in an engaging women empowerment session


In our Incubator programme, we offer complimentary spaces for members of our community who aspire to launch their own businesses or charities. Through mentorship and coaching provided by our experienced senior managers and board members, we guide aspiring entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of policies, taxes and regulations to ensure their ventures' success.

A group of people in an Afro Innovation Group Incubator session

Universities & Schools Mentoring and Placement

This project enables us to work with a number of academic institutions including community colleges, further education colleges and senior schools. We offer work experience placements of between six weeks and six months for students who have the chance to build community development skills and to gain a great deal of invaluable real-life, professional experience, from working with people from diverse communities and different backgrounds.

A man looking through various documents trying to understant them


Our Befrienders project helps isolated individuals to create friendships and networks, which improves their ability to settle into a new community and allows them to draw on mutual aid and support.

Two women hugging each other feeling supported and empowered

Arts Project

Our Arts project brings BAME and non-BAME communities together to share experiences and learn from each other through festivals, musical events and outdoor activities. The project helps to promote community cohesion and social integration. 

A person playing an African drum during a music event
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